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Anhui Province, China
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Fujian Province, China
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Gansu Province, China
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Guangdong Province
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Guangxi Province
  › Guilin City Guide
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Guizhou Province - 1
Guizhou Province - 2
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SiChuan Province
SiChuan Cuisine & Food
SiChuan Mah Jong
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Beijing China City Guide
Beijing China History
Beijing Duck, Peking Duck
Forbidden City in Beijing
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Great Wall of China
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Shanghai China city Guide
Shanghai History
Jade Buddha Temple
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About Xian City (Xian City Guide)
Banpo Village Museum
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TerraCotta Warriors - History
Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang
Tour of Terra Cotta Museum
Xian City Wall


Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park

Tour the Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park

The Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park is one of the best known, most beloved, and the largest animal park in all of China. It opened its gates in 1997, but has already served more than ten million guests. While the park prides itself on their ability to provide quality entertainment for the public, their most important interest is the conservation of the world for future generations. Thus, they are proactive in educating visitors about the importance of conservation.

More than 460 species of animal make the park their home, including more than 100 white tigers that were born in the park – which is fifty percent of the total global population. Other than the white tigers, visitors can see tons of other incredible animals, including white lions, red pandas, and koalas brought in from Australia in 2006.

The park is divided into separate areas to make navigating easier. Each area of the park deserves a visit, as you will find something interesting to see just about everywhere you look.

Australian Zone

As expected, you will find a number of different Australian animals in the Australian Zone. Some of the great animals you can see here are the red kangaroos, white kangaroos, emus, and the koalas. You can also learn how to make some Australian crafts and taste some authentic Australian food.

Safari on Wheels

Here, you can drive a vehicle through the park and get closer to some of the animals than you ever thought would be possible. You will travel through the Asian Fields, the Predator Territory, and the African Savannah. It is a completely new way to experience nature.

White Tiger Hill

Here you can see some of the beautiful white tigers, one of the rarest animals in the world. The Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park is doing their part in helping to preserve this gorgeous animal.

Dragon Hill

Here you will find the park's collection of reptiles. Everything from the giant salamanders to pythons and a huge boa can be found there. This is always a popular destination.

Monkey Hill

Baboons, chimps, orangutans and golden monkeys all make Monkey Hill their home. Many other species of primate live there as well. Monkey Hill is loved by folks both young and old.

Performing Area

At the Performing Area, you can watch animal shows including performances by white tigers and elephants.

The Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park is a wonderful place to the whole family to spend the day.

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