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Anhui Province, China
  › Hefei City Guide
     › Baogong Memorial Hall
  › Huangshan Mountain - 1
  › Huangshan Mountain - 2
  › Jiuhua Mountain
  › Hongcun Village & Xidi Village
  › Visiting Huangshan China

Fujian Province, China
  › Fujian Tea
  › Fuzhou City Guide - 1
  › Fuzhou City Guide - 2

  › Quanzhou City
  › Wuyi Shan Mountain
  › Xiamen City Guide
     › Gulangyu Island

Gansu Province, China
  › Dunhuang China
  › Jiayuguan & Jiayuguan Pass
  › Lanzhou City Guide
  › Xiahe & Labrang Monastery
  › Zhangeye & Wuwei Travel

Guangdong Province
  › Guangzhou City Guide
     › Six Banyan Tree Temple
    > Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
  › Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park
  › Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park
  › Shenzhen City Guide

Guangxi Province
  › Guilin City Guide
  › Guilin Travel Destinations - 1
  › Guilin Travel Destinations - 2
  › Guilin Travel Destinations - 3
  › Li Jiang River Tour
  › Nanning City Guide
  › Yangshuo City Guide

  › Yangshuo Travel Destinations

Guizhou Province - 1
Guizhou Province - 2
  › Anshu City Guide
  › Huangguoshu Tour
  › Guiyang City Guide
  › Guiyang Tourist Attractions

SiChuan Province
SiChuan Cuisine & Food
SiChuan Mah Jong
  › Chengdu China City Guide
     › Du Fu Thatched Village
  › Chengdu Shopping
  › ChongQing China City Guide
  › Emei Shan
  › JiuZhaiGou Tour
  › Leshan Giant Buddha
  › Neijiang China
  › Wolong Panda Reserve
  › WuLiangYe & Zigong Dinosaur

Beijing China City Guide
Beijing China History
Beijing Duck, Peking Duck
Forbidden City in Beijing
  › Forbidden Palace - Wumen Gate
  › Three Great Halls
  › Nine Dragon Wall
  › Inner Palace of Forbidden City
Great Wall of China
  › Badaling Great Wall & Mutianyu
  › Juyongguan Great Wall & Simatai

Shanghai China city Guide
Shanghai History
Jade Buddha Temple
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Shanghai Bund & Huangpu River
Shanghai Museum

About Xian City (Xian City Guide)
Banpo Village Museum
TerraCotta Army Discovery
TerraCotta Warriors - History
Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang
Tour of Terra Cotta Museum
Xian City Wall


Guilin Yangshuo Travel

Yangshuo County, China

Yangshuo county is located 65 kilometers southeast of Guilin city. The county has a population of about 300,000, and is also connected to Guilin via the Lijiang Li River. Yangshuo county is a spectacular scenic region surrounded by green mountains and green streams. The scenery around it is superb. Around the Yangshuo area there are plenty of scenic spots and popular tourist destinations.

Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree

A very popular tour destination of Yangshuo is Da Rong Shu, or Big Banyan Tree scenic area located about 6 kilometers from Yangshuo. In this area, you will see a large Banyan trees that was planted during the Sui Dynasty (581 - 518)

yangshuo big banyan tree


The area is simply amazing. Everywhere you look, you will see green - green waters, green trees, and green mountains. You can also take off your shoes and go dip your feet in the water. Across the road from the Big Banyan Tree is a temple where you can pick your fortune sticks. But beware, you will be asked to "Donate" money to the temple.

Yangshuo Ju Long Tan Cave

The Ju Long Tan cave (Gathering Dragon Cave) Located close to the Big Banyan Tree area. This cave has similar natural rock formation like the Lu Di Yan (Reed Flute) cave. The Ju Long Tan cave covers 900 square meters with 7 exhibition halls which exhibit over one thousand types of stones. There is a museum that you can quickly tour before entering the karst cave that contains many water reservoirs.

ju long tan cave

One unique aspect of the Ju Long Tan cave is that near the end, there’s a large pond of water. There are boats here ready to take visitors out via the water channel. You can touch the water here, and it is icy cold. The tour of the Ju Long Tan cave lasted about 30 minutes, and even though I already seen the Reed Flute cave in Guilin, this was still an entertaining trip through the cave, and the water channel.

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