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Anhui Province, China
  › Hefei City Guide
     › Baogong Memorial Hall
  › Huangshan Mountain - 1
  › Huangshan Mountain - 2
  › Jiuhua Mountain
  › Hongcun Village & Xidi Village
  › Visiting Huangshan China

Fujian Province, China
  › Fujian Tea
  › Fuzhou City Guide - 1
  › Fuzhou City Guide - 2

  › Quanzhou City
  › Wuyi Shan Mountain
  › Xiamen City Guide
     › Gulangyu Island

Gansu Province, China
  › Dunhuang China
  › Jiayuguan & Jiayuguan Pass
  › Lanzhou City Guide
  › Xiahe & Labrang Monastery
  › Zhangeye & Wuwei Travel

Guangdong Province
  › Guangzhou City Guide
     › Six Banyan Tree Temple
    > Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
  › Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park
  › Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park
  › Shenzhen City Guide

Guangxi Province
  › Guilin City Guide
  › Guilin Travel Destinations - 1
  › Guilin Travel Destinations - 2
  › Guilin Travel Destinations - 3
  › Li Jiang River Tour
  › Nanning City Guide
  › Yangshuo City Guide

  › Yangshuo Travel Destinations

Guizhou Province - 1
Guizhou Province - 2
  › Anshu City Guide
  › Huangguoshu Tour
  › Guiyang City Guide
  › Guiyang Tourist Attractions

SiChuan Province
SiChuan Cuisine & Food
SiChuan Mah Jong
  › Chengdu China City Guide
     › Du Fu Thatched Village
  › Chengdu Shopping
  › ChongQing China City Guide
  › Emei Shan
  › JiuZhaiGou Tour
  › Leshan Giant Buddha
  › Neijiang China
  › Wolong Panda Reserve
  › WuLiangYe & Zigong Dinosaur

Beijing China City Guide
Beijing China History
Beijing Duck, Peking Duck
Forbidden City in Beijing
  › Forbidden Palace - Wumen Gate
  › Three Great Halls
  › Nine Dragon Wall
  › Inner Palace of Forbidden City
Great Wall of China
  › Badaling Great Wall & Mutianyu
  › Juyongguan Great Wall & Simatai

Shanghai China city Guide
Shanghai History
Jade Buddha Temple
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Shanghai Bund & Huangpu River
Shanghai Museum

About Xian City (Xian City Guide)
Banpo Village Museum
TerraCotta Army Discovery
TerraCotta Warriors - History
Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang
Tour of Terra Cotta Museum
Xian City Wall


Guizhou Province Tour

Guizhou Travel Guide

Guizhou offers enchanting sceneries. Within the boundaries, natural sceneries are mysterious and elegant. Sceneries differ in thousands of ways. The landscape of limestone cave is gorgeous and wild animal are marvelous. The cultural and the revolutionary vestiges are known far and wide. The mountains, water, caves, forests and the stones enhance each another.

There are many well-known state-level scenic spots : Huangguoshu waterfall (黄果树瀑布), dragon palace (龙宫), Maling River Canyon (马岭河峡谷), the blue karst forest state-level nature protection areas (蓝喀斯特森林国家级自然保护区), Weining grass sea (威宁草海) and so on. In the scenic spot area, the Huangguoshu Waterfall is splendid and the dragon palace is great. You can see the deep pool, the wonderful stone, the strange cave and the stone bridge.

Guizhou Tour Scenic Spots

Maling River Canyon is a national scenic area. It lies in the northeast of Xingyi City, Guizhou Province and originates in Wumeng Mountain. The upstream of the river is called Qingshui (Clear water) River (清水河); the mid-stream is named Maling (Horse Mountain) River (马岭河) due to the Big Camp (大寨) and the Maling Camp (马岭寨).

Maling River Canyon belongs to the multi-level karst landscape, whose topography is quite different from other general structure of canyons. Some have said that "this is the most beautiful scar on earth”. Nature had created this canyon which is extraordinary and dangerous. This river is well-known as “the first crack in the world and the first floating in China”.

Chelang (car palm) spring is located in the old camp of Buyi nationality at the upstream of Maling River. The canyon lies across the front of the camp. On both sides of the valley have a spring. The left is called “the son of spring (儿子泉)” and the right is “girl spring (姑娘泉)”. From their names, you are supposed to know the two rivers are used for men and women. Their temperatures are maintained around 38 centigrade and 40 centigrade. Throughout the year, you will see a clear spring. From ancient times to present age, Buyi men and women bathed in the two rivers enjoying the gift of nature.

The canyon, from Longyin to Maling Town, is known as the “colorful gallery (五彩长廊)”. There are three clear springs flowing in the valley. The water flows with the mountain; the mountain shows its charm due to the water. This is the “first color”. The waterfall in the caverns of Longtou (Dragon Head) Mountain and many trees are reflected with the rainbow. That’s the “second color”. When you enter the beautiful gallery, you will hear the spring and stream murmuring and see the aquatic animals swimming free. That’s the “third color”. A variety of flowers and grasses are growing around the river wafting with the wind. That’s the “fourth color”. Along with the two sides of gallery, you can visit the Zhuchang (Pig Farm) River and Mulang (Wood Palm) River. A so-called Yaochi just lies between them. This is the “fifth color”.

The Star Gallery (天星画廊) is 6 kilometers away from Xingyi City. It’s the essential core of the canyon. There are 56 waterfalls between Maling Bridges and Star Bridges, 36 of which are falling down permanently, such as Wanma Paoxiao (ten thousands of horses roar 万马咆哮瀑), Pearl (珍珠瀑), Veil (面纱瀑), Jianxie Wudie (intermittent five folds 间歇五叠瀑), Laoyue (fish for the moon 捞月瀑), Xixin (wash the heart 洗心瀑), Lulian (路帘瀑), Feiting (飞厅瀑) waterfall and so on.

These waterfalls’ heights are between 120 meters to 200 meters and the widths are between 20 meters to 100 meters. In addition to these waterfalls, there are many specific natural sceneries, including Bright Rock Gorge(彩岩峡), Three Ancient Gorge (三古峡), Colorful River (彩水河), Ancient Gap (古驿道) and so on. Guizhou Province is a marvelous place. It covers a number of touring scenic spots waiting for you to discover.

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