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Chongqing Hotel and Flight

Chongqing Flight & Air Travel

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is located in the Two Road Town of Yubei District, which is 21 kilometers away from northeast of Chongqing city. It’s one of the three major aviation hubs of southwest region. The airport concrete runway is 3,200 meters long and 45 meters wide.

At present, the domestic and international cities which are open to navigation with Chongqing reach 55. The routes total to more than 70, covering all major regions of China (including Hong Kong and Macau). Except Hohhot of Mongolia, all the provincial capital cities have been open to navigation. Meanwhile, Chongqing has international routes to Seoul of South Korea, Tokyo of Japan, Nagoya, Bangkok of Thailand, Munich of Germany, Düsseldorf and other foreign places.

In addition, there are over 20 joint-international transit routes. People can take planes to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and then transfer to Sydney, New York, Washington, London, Paris, etc. Moreover, in order to make Chongqing become a bridge to connect with the world, Chongqing government has planned to open to navigation with many other countries and cities in the future, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Calcutta and so on.

Chongqing Hotel

As one of the most popular tourism cities, Chongqing has excellent modern tourist facilities. Touring in Chongqing, finding a hotel is very convenient. Different grade of guesthouses and hotels can meet various tourists’ consumption needs.

There are some famous hotels in Chongqing: Harbor Plaza Hotel and Marriott Hotel are both five star rated; Yangtze River Holiday Inn, Chongqing Hotel, Xiya Hotel, Liyuan Hotel and Jinli Hotel are four star rated. Fuan Hotel, Renmin Hotel and Chongqing Inn are three star rated. There are numerous hotels in Chongqing that we cannot name them all here.

Tourists in Chongqing can choose ideal hotels according to various needs. Above three-star hotels usually cost more than 300 yuan with good condition; one-star and two-star hotels usually cost 100 to 300 yuan with basic services; and some small hotels cost 20 to 200 yuan. Now I will introduce some of them to you.

Chongqing Harbor Plaza Hotel
This hotel is rated five stars. It is located in the center of Chongqing city and near the Shopping Center. It opened in 1998 and was rebuilt in 2004. There are 37 floors with 390 rooms. The rooms have spacious bathroom, air-conditioning system, television and movie channels, coffee and tea facilities, hair dryer and mini-bar. Tourists can also enjoy the amusing facilities: swimming pool, dancing hall, gym, chess & cards room, billiards, etc.

Chongqing Marriott Hotel
This hotel is also rated five stars. It’s located in the center of the city, which is 32 kilometers away from the airport and 5 kilometers away from the train station. There are 39 floors and 517 rooms. It costs around $1700 to $2500 yuan, but there are generally some discounts available depending on the season. Tourists can take a five-minute walk to the commercial street.

This hotel has impeccable appearance and architectural style. All the rooms have international standard software and hardware services and facilities. There are totally 517 rooms, including guest rooms, suites and villas. All of them have extra-large widows, so tourists can see the whole scenery of Chongqing from different angles. In the hotel rooms, there are color TV, sofa, electric coffee, tea, mini-bar, voicemail, computer interface, telephone, comfortable working area and luxurious bathroom. In the hotel, tourists can taste various delicious foods. In addition, there are some amusing places: dancing hall, sauna, chess & cards room, swimming pool, gym, billiards, beauty salons, shopping mall, car park, etc.

Xiya Hotel
This is a four star hotel. It is located in the Xiya Square. It is about 45 kilometers away from airport, 35 kilometers away from the train station and 25 kilometers away from the center of the city. There are 218 rooms. The hotel offers beauty salons, car parkade, laundry, dancing hall, bar, coffee hall, restaurant, gym, sauna, meeting room and commercial center.

Yangtze River Holiday Inn
This hotel is rated four stars. It is located on the North Road of Nan ping. It is about 30 kilometers away from the airport and 3 kilometers away from the train station. There are 379 rooms. 68 of them are suites. In the guest rooms there are international satellite television, CCTV and the family film channel. The business center in the hotel provides a full range of secretarial service and communication service. Tourists here can workout in the gym. The well-equipped conference rooms and small multi-purpose rooms can be organized various meetings.

Fuan Hotel
This hotel is rated three stars. It is located on the Zhongshan Road of Yuzhong region. People can just take 3 minutes to the train station and 50 minutes to the airport. The transportion is very convenient. Tourists can easily take buses or cars to appreciate the buildings and sceneries: Bus Station, the Crown Escalator, Fuan Commercial Buildings, Yangtze River, Yangtze Bridge, Chengling Park and Coral Riverside Park. This hotel also offers basic facilities: laundry, beauty salons, parking, chess & cards hall, gym, dancing hall, bar, cafes, commercial center, meeting rooms and dining hall.

Chongqing Inn
This inn is rated three stars. It is located in the Xiaolongkan New Street of Shapingba region. It is about 27 kilometers away from the airport and 2 kilometers away from the train station. This hotel occupies 2,657 square meters and is 83 meters high. There are 27 floors and 256 rooms. It is equipped with personalized, digital commercial function rooms, five Chinese and western restaurants, banquet halls and hot pot halls. The hotel can accommodate 600 people to have meals at the same time. There are 8 different specifications meeting rooms with comprehensive conference services. In addition, it has bars, cafes, nightclubs, sauna, gym, chess & cards rooms, swimming pool and other facilities. The cost ranges between $400 to $1400 yuan a day.

Chongqing Economy Hotels

Besides above hotels, there are many economic hotels. I will give you a brief introduction to you.

Chongqing Jinyuan Hotel
It is located in the Buddha Bridge of Jiangbei region, Chongqing city. Tourists can just only take 20 minutes from airport or downtown to there. This hotel opened on July 3, 2004. It has 30 floors with 402 rooms. There is an underground sleepless place with 46,000 square meters, including swimming pool, supermarket, clothing stores, snack bar and disco. Living in this hotel usually charges 498 yuan.

Chongqing Xinhua Hotel
It is located in the Jiefangbei region. It opened on April 7, 2004. There are 12 floors and 96 rooms. The standard room is 28 square meters. The rates are around $338 yuan.

Chongqing Oriental Garden Hotel
It closes to the People’s Square. There are 23 floors and 232 rooms.

Chongqing Baifu Hotel
It is located in the snack street of Jiefangbei. There are 30 floors and 156 rooms. The standard room costs $288 yuan.

Chongqing Saigel Hotel
It is located in the center of the city. It only takes a five-minute walk to Jiefangbei from this hotel. There are 32 floors and 392 rooms. Rooms costs $218 yuan.

Chongqing Jinli Hotel
It is located in the high-tech zone and close to Chongqing Technology Pavilion and the Olympic sports center. There are 15 floor and 24 rooms. The rooms cost $298 yuan.

Chongqing Huangjia Hotel
It is located in Yuzhong area and near the center of the city. There are 32 floors and 228 rooms. It costs $228 yuan.

Chongqing Galaxy Hotel
It is also located in the center. Outside of the hotel have buses to Shapingba, Yangjiaping and other places. There are 19 floors and 239 rooms. Rooms here costs $278 yuan.

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