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SiChuan Province
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Lhasa Tibet

Yangtze River & Three Gorges
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Yangtze River Viking Cruise
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Guangdong Province
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Guangxi Province

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Beijing China City Guide
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Forbidden City in Beijing
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Great Wall of China
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Shanghai China city Guide
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About Xian City (Xian City Guide)
Banpo Village Museum
TerraCotta Army Discovery
TerraCotta Warriors - History
Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang
Tour of Terra Cotta Museum
Xian City Wall


Taiwan Hotels Guide

Where to Find Luxury Hotels in Taiwan

If you want to find luxury hotels in Taiwan, you have a number of options from which you can choose. Before narrowing down among your list of luxury hotels in Taiwan, you must first determine where you want to stay.

Cities like Chang Hua, Chiao-Hsi, Douliou, Hualien, and Keelung offer hotels of the highest quality. Lotung, Nan Tao, Pingtung, and Taipei also offer several hotels from which you can choose. No matter which city gets your attention, finding a hotel room for your stay will not be a likely problem.

To each person, luxury hotels in Taiwan hold a different meaning. However, the one thing everyone has in common is that luxury includes comfort, amenities, and services. When you stay at a hotel and you pay a higher price, you expect a higher level of comfort. Similarly, you expect additional amenities and services to be made available for the additional costs which you are incurring.

Chang Hua, for example, provides visitors with the Leader Landmark, a Lukang Hotel. Rated with 4-stars, this hotel combines traditions and elegance for a leisurely stay. They also provide a number of different restaurants ranging from a buffet to the best haute Chinese cuisine.

In Keelung, you can find the Evergreen Laurel Hotel, which holds a 5-star rating, as one of the luxury hotels in Taiwan. The Evergreen Laurel Hotel is situated 19 stories above the Keelung Harbour and offers an exceptional view of the harbor, Chung Cheng Park, the mountains, and more.

For those staying in Nan Tao, the Lalu Hotel, which overlooks the Sun Moon Lake, provides a central location for luxury hotels in Taiwan. This hotel provides all the amenities that you need, as well as restaurants that cover Chinese, Japanese, Teppanyaki, and Western cuisine.

In areas like Taipei, however, you have several luxury hotels like the Les Suites Taipei Da-an and the Les Suites Taipei Ching Cheng, as well as the Landis Hotel. Both Les Suites offer favorable locations and amenities like meeting rooms, a business center, and an onsite gym. Furthermore, they offer plenty for several guests and ideal settings for your stay. The Landis Hotel, which is close to major expressways and shopping areas, has over 200 units that provide luxury and elegance.

With a little research and time, you will find that the city in which you stay will offer a hotel that meets your standards for luxury. All luxury hotels in Taiwan share a common goal to make their guests feel at home.

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