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Taiwan Travel Guide

Theme Parks in Taiwan

Visitors to Taiwan will always find an overabundance of activities to do while visiting the country, from soaking up some rays on one of the beaches to soaking up some culture and history at one of the many historic sites on the island. However, if you have children with your group, or if you are a child at heart, then you might want to also think about visiting one of the theme parks on the island. Two of the most popular are the Leofoo Village Theme Park and Formosa Fun Coast.

Taiwan Leofoo Village Theme Park

The Leofoo Village Theme Park is located in Longtan, Taiwan, and is a very popular attraction for locals and tourists. It has three different roller coasters, including an inverted shuttle coaster called the Screaming Condor. The other roller coasters in the park are called Sahara Twist and Little Rattler. It also contains a zoo.

The theme park is divided into separately themed areas, similar to the way in which other theme parks, such as Disney, separate their areas.

The African Safari features a number different animals, as well as different rides, including the above-mentioned Sahara Twist. The Arabian Kingdom features several dark rides such as the Flying Horse and the Sultan’s Adventure rides. The South Pacific is an area that has a tropical flavor combined, of course, with thrill rides and attractions. One of the most popular rides in this area is the Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure, a water ride that is nice on hot days. The final area is themed after the Wild West. The parks two other coasters, Screaming Condor and Little Rattle are located here, as is another water ride – Big Canyon Rapids. In addition to the rides, there are also live shows and photo spots.

Formosa Fun Coast

Another very popular tourist attraction in Taiwan is the Formosa Fun Coast. It is one of the premier water parks in Asia, and it can help you beat the heat on a sizzling day. The park boasts the longest waterslide in Southeast Asia – more than 400 meters.

While there are plenty of long, fast, and thrilling slides (such as the very popular Bermuda Triangle), there are also rides for those looking for something refreshing but tame. You could relax on a tube on the winding lazy river while watching the scenery flow past, or you could hang out with the family at the Caribbean Paradise.

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